5×5 For Friday

I thought I’d have a little mindless fun today. I love making random lists of things (and really love reading them on others’ blogs), and that’s exactly what I’ve got for you today!

If you have a blog, feel free to copy the categories and paste them on your own blog!

5 TV shows that I am really happy are back for the fall season:

1. Parenthood

2. Survivor

3. Amazing Race (Greg and I really need to get off our lazy butts and finally apply for this show!)

4. Modern Family

5. Parks & Recreation


5 songs that I sing at the top of my lungs when I’m driving in the car alone:

1.Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney

2. I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

3 . Torn by Natalie Imbruglia

4. Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos <—– OMG I was obsessed with her in high school. LOVE YOU TORI!!

5. Into The Mystic by Van Morrisson


5 things I’m looking forward to this month

1. Going to Boston next weekend for Greg’s stepbrother’s wedding. The wedding itself will be great, and we get to see Greg’s family too! And as an added bonus, I get to finally meet two of my favorite girls, Amanda and Erin!

2. The Renaissance Festival. I usually go with a group of friends every September, but it happened to be the same weekend as Fitbloggin’ this year. There’s still a few weeks left…

3. Going Ziplining in Harper’s Ferry. I feel like I keep talking about this- it needs to happen.

4. Cheering Heather & Kirk on while they run the Marine Corps Marathon! A few of my other friends are running too- but Heather and & Kirk are coming all the way from Denver. I can’t wait to see them (and to hang out afterwards!).

5. Hiking at Shenandoah- and hopefully, at Old Rag. Greg and I drove up Skyline Drive last October and it’s SO beautiful there (seriously- check out these photos!!). Hiking Old Rag has been on my bucket list forever, and this is definitely the time of year to do it!


5 culinary-ish things:

1. I’m trying to figure out how to make a protein microwave muffin that is egg and dairy free. I can easily do without the dairy, but the egg is giving me problems. I’ve tried using flax seed and egg replacer…and all I end up with is mush. Any tips (remember- it has to be microwavable) would be appreciated!

2. I can’t remember who gave me the idea of making a “sushi bowl” (maybe Allie?), but I finally made one for dinner last night. I combined sweet brown rice (first time I ever made it- so good!), rare tuna, and a bunch of veggies in a bowl. It was delicious and tasted just like a tuna roll.

3. I’m kind of obsessed with growing sprouts lately. I’ve made two huge batches so far and am currently trying a second attempting at sprouting chickpeas (using my sprouting jar this time!).

4. I successfully re-created Corner Bakery’s Swiss Oatmeal! I first discovered it at the beginning of this summer, and fell in love.

To make this: place 1/2 c rolled oats in a bowl and add just enough water to cover the oats. Cover and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, stir in 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt, cinnamon and sweetener to taste. Chop up 1/2 of an apple, 1/2 of a banana, a handful of frozen cranberries and add to the bowl. Stir well. Top with chopped almonds.

5. I’m finally brewing my own Kombucha, right now- as we speak! I’ll have more details on this soon (and an AWESOME giveaway!).


5 blogger friends that I can’t wait to meet in real life (and, um… haven’t yet):

1. Cassie from Back to her Roots

2. Lindsay from Cotter Crunch

3. Lee from In My Tummy ( I don’t really understand how we haven’t met yet!!)

4. Annette from Enjoy Your Healthy Life

5. Michelle from The Runner’s Plate

I’ve been reading all of these blogs for over a year now, and feel like I know these gals as well as any “real life” friends. And there’s at least five more that I want to meet. Or ten. (I didn’t include Erin and Amanda because I will be meeting them next weekend in Boston!)


And there ya have it. Twenty five random things that you now know about my life. Now you can go on about your day. :)

Your turn! Pick anything from the list and tell me your thoughts about it!


  1. oh i better meet you! it’s on my bucket list! oh and the microwave muffin. Have you tried pea protein with flax and lots of baking powder?

  2. Yes yes yes Torn is one of mine, too! Shoop by Salt n Peppa is my all-time jam though. I’m a pro at belting that sucker out!

    Culinary wise I am pumped to make my first Canadian Thanksgiving Feast this weekend (although ill never be able to make an apple pie as good as my mother’s).

    I can’t wait to see how the kombucha turns out!!

  3. Yeah, we’re most definitely gonna have to figure out a meet up at some point. Damn me being stranded in the midwest! Most of the people I love seem to be over on your side of the country!

  4. This is a great post! I love learning new things about my favorite bloggers! Hmm an egg free minute muffin…that is tough. My first instinct was a chia egg, but you’re right it might end up runny. I’ll do some experimenting and see if anything works! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

  5. Ohhhh, I love the sushi bowl idea! Looks delicious! Happy Friday!

  6. Can I just say how much I love Jason Mraz? All of his songs! Well, except the ones that are SUPER skat, or whatever…

    • Lol- I COMPLETELY agree. I like when he SINGS. I feel the same way about Mat Kearney- LOVE him, but can only take so much of his “rapping.”

  7. I’m going camping at Shenandoah next weekend, I can’t WAIT!

  8. All you food pics inspire me to try and actually make things. I’m not a cook, but your food looks so good, it makes me wonder, can I be a cook? Lets pray I don’t burn my apartment down.

    • You CAN cook! The reason why I love cooking so much (instead of baking) is that you can kind of just do whatever you want. I just throw a bunch of stuff together and see if it works out. :)

  9. I’m most excited for New Girl! My top car songs would be Katy Perry! I keep thinking of Wide Awake this morning! Lol.

  10. I don’t know you and Greg, but I could totally see you guys kicking butt on the amazing race!!

    That Jason Mraz song was my friend’s first dance at their wedding this weekend and it was so nice!

  11. I love this post – so fun to get to “know you better.” I love New Girl and The Good Wife! I also watch a ridiculously pathetic amount of Criminal Minds re-runs ;). Culinary things – I think I bought at least 7 pumpkin related things in the last week. Cannot get enough! The Corner Bakery oats look fantastic – they have always been one of my favorite restaurant oats!

  12. so totally doing this! I sing Torn at the top of my lungs too, but that wouldn’t be top of mind enough to put on the list.

  13. Okay. Sushi bowl? MIND = BLOWN

    I’m RUSHING home to make this after The Color Run tomorrow!! Thanks for passing along the idea! <3

    • I know- isn’t the sushi bowl genius? It was actually my friend ERIN’S idea- she writes agirlandhermutt.com
      Totally brilliant!

  14. Baking powder for the microwavable thing might help?

    I LOVE getting to know you better-and I TOTALLY sing at the top of my lungs to that Jason Mraz song!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAH. My husband LOVES when I do this ;)

    ANd YES!!! MUST MEET each other. WHEN though?!?! I totally feel like I know you, though. Hah. But we must make it official.

    • SO now that the word is out about Blend, I assume you’ll be there??? :)
      Greg’s heard me sing the Jason Mraz song at the top of my lungs a million times in the car. He loves it too…

  15. I use this recipe for my microwave bakes.. http://www.delightsanddelectables.com/protein-buckwheat-muffins/ It uses buckwheat flour and I use Sunwarrior protein. Feel free to leave the chia and flax out and up the baking powder to 1/2 tsp. I have never done it with any other flour. I have also done it with a whole scoop of protein and 2 Tbsp of flour. Let me know if you try it!

    I keep meaning to watch Parenthood!! Now, I must!

    • THANK YOU! I will try that out! I love buckwheat flour- and have that AND sunwarrior on hand!!
      YES. Watch Parenthood NOW.

  16. I started watching Parenthood on Netflix several weeks ago and really liked it. I’ll have to pick it back up again because it was funny!

  17. Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    I had success with the protein microwave muffin this morning – so I hope to be able to share the recipe with you soon. I want to make a few tweaks, but the ener-g worked great for me. I whipped it really well with a fork and it was super frothy before I added it to the mix. Stay tuned! :)

  18. Yes! Can’t wait to meet you too!!! Sushi Bowl—ME! http://agirlandhermutt.com/2011/11/02/sushi-bowl/

    Your version looks so yummy with the tuna. Noted!

    We have similar tv tastes too. The only one I can’t get into is Amazing Race and mostly because I hate to see people make dumb mistakes. Ha!

    • I do yell at the tv a lot when I watch Amazing Race. And I HATE when people are rude to the cab drivers or natives of whatever country they’re in because they don’t understand English.

  19. karenclanderson says:

    We have very similar taste in music :-)

  20. Sushi bowl? Why have I never thought of this?! Pure genius! And I’m totally making those oats since I’m not foreseeing a Chicago vacation in my near future…btw, SO glad you linked back to those posts so I could catch up! But seriously, that bowl looks incredible! I rarely ever mix fruit for my meals and I really have no idea why…banana, apples, and cranberries? Oh my! ;)

    Music I crank up and belt out at the top of my lungs whenever I’m in the car: ANYTHING by Bon Jovi! God I love him! And Lindsay and Lee are DEFINITELY on my must-meet list! I’m getting so excited for Blend 2013…I know Lindsay said she was gonna be there, but we need to make sure Lee is too! :)

    • I hope you do make the swiss oats- they are SO good. I’m making them tomorrow! And I’m pretty sure that I saw that you got cranberries…
      And yes- Lee MUST come next year. She has plenty of warning! :)


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