Saturday: Pumpkin Picking With Friends


Greg and I have established a tradition of going to pick our own pumpkins every October, and it’s something that we both really look forward to. This is our sixth year of keeping that tradition! We’ve gone to a few different places over the years, and went somewhere new this weekend, upon the recommendation of our good friends Mic and Brie.

Last year, we went to Mayne’s farm (which is also where we got our Christmas tree!) and really loved it. But, when I was talking to Brie during our hike the other day, she suggested that we all go to Jumbo’s, because they also have a little petting zoo. That sold it for me! She also made the brilliant suggestion of going late in the afternoon, and then coming back to have food and beer afterwards.

Around 5:00 on Saturday, we all headed over to Jumbo’s. When we got there, I immediately made a bee-line for the petting zoo! There were cute little piggies:

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