Weekend In Boston

Boston is kind of a second home for me. Greg’s dad (Bob) lives just outside of the city (on the south shore), and we generally visit several times a year. The funny thing is, I haven’t really been there since I started this blog! We took a trip up north back in April, but didn’t actually spend any time in the city.

The primary reason that traveled to Boston this past weekend was to attend Greg’s stepbrother Rob’s wedding. I had only met Rob once before (at my own wedding!), but we’ve become great friends via email and Facebook. I was so excited to be able to spend some time with him and his (wife!) Saori, and knew that their wedding would be beautiful.

We flew into Logan airport on Thursday afternoon and took the boat over to Braintree, where Bob always picks us up. The view of the skyline at the boat dock is just the best!

By the time we got to Bob’s house, it was time to head right back out to grab some dinner with him and his girlfriend, Sheila. We had a wonderful evening talking to them, and it was a shame that we didn’t have more time to spend together!

The next morning, Greg and I got up bright and early to work out at the branch of Boston Sports Club that’s right by Bob’s house. Bob is always nice enough to get us guest passes there, and Greg and I certainly know our way around that gym by now!

After a good workout and a shower, we packed up our stuff at Bob’s house and headed into the city. We were staying at the Intercontinental hotel, which is in a perfect location. Greg and I had stayed there once before a loved it. We got a great deal on Priceline, which just made everything even better. After dropping our luggage off at the hotel, we quickly headed back out to meet up with Amanda and her husband Aaron over at Sam Adams brewery. They had taken the day off to hang out with us and spend the afternoon drinking beer, eating lunch, and drinking more beer. Not a bad day, right?

I was SO excited to meet Amanda! I’ve been reading her blog ever since she started writing it a year ago, and felt like I knew her already. And, much like all of the other wonderful friends I’ve made through blogging, we bonded instantly. And did I mention how gorgeous she is? She even brought me homemade kombucha and pumpkin spice doughnuts- which made me just love her even more! Greg and Aaron also got along like old friends, too. We did the Sam Adams tour (which was the 4th or 5th time for Greg and I- it never gets old!)

And then moved onto the best part- the tasting! Here’s Amanda showing how to take in the aroma of the beer:

We tasted three beers: Boston Lager, Octoberfest and one other that I can’t remember the name of… some type of stout that was delicious! I definitely tried to pace myself, because I knew that we still had another brewery to visit after lunch… it definitely took a lot of self-control. :)

We left Sam Adams and grabbed lunch at this cute little cafe called Fiore’s. The menu looked great- and it was hard to make a choice about what to order!

I chose the Italian maki sandwich (the avocado sold me on it). I couldn’t resist getting one of the incredible-looking macaroons as well…

It was SO good.

Our next stop was Harpoon brewery. Greg and I had been there a few years prior, but had not done a tasting before. They have so many delicious beers on tap!

The tasting was pretty cool- a guy and a gal that worked there went through and explained a little bit about each of the beers and then we all could taste whatever we wanted.

I tried the UFO pumpkin, the Pumpkin cider and the Rye IPA- all were delicious! We were all pretty happy. :)

Sadly, the afternoon had to come to an end, and we parted ways with Amanda and Aaron. It was so much fun to hang out with them, and I hope they are able to come visit us sometime soon!

We ended the night over at The Salty Pig, where Rob was having an informal dinner for close friends and family after the wedding rehearsal. We got to spend some time with Greg’s stepdad (also named Bob, who is Rob’s dad) and his mom, Sandy, which was nice. We also met some really wonderful people that were either related to or good friends with Rob and Saori- and everyone was just so nice and friendly! Saori’s parents and sister were also there- they live in Japan and had just flown in a few days before!

I didn’t get any photos from that night, except for this one of the bathroom. It was covered in comics from The Far Side, and I thought it was pretty cool. :)


We were up bright and early on Saturday morning to use the awesome hotel gym. I’ve seen pretty really good hotel gyms and some really bad ones over the years- and the one at the Intercontinental is definitely in the top 5. In fact, that was the #1 thing that I remembered about staying at the hotel a few years ago. And the views outside of the gigantic windows are priceless!

There’s also a beautiful lap pool, and I wish I had brought my bathing suit so I could have used it!

We spent the rest of the morning walking around the city, people- watching, and enjoying the nice weather. And then it was time to meet up with Erin for lunch!

Erin is another blogger that I have been keeping tabs on ever since I started writing my own- and it was so cool to finally meet her. And- she was even more beautiful and bubbly in person! We enjoyed a lovely lunch and great conversation, and I also hope she makes a trip to come visit me sometime! Erin’s personality reminded me so much of Tiffany’s, which is a very high compliment. (And the funny thing is- the two of them have hung out before as well!)

After lunch, we made a quick trip back to the hotel to change and head over to the wedding, which was a little bit outside of the city at the Griffin Museum of Photography (in Winchester). It was nice to get a little dressed up, since I live in gym clothes 90% of the time.

When we got to the museum, we met up with Bob and Sandy, and Greg’s brother Doug and his wife, Susan (who live in Maine). Did you know that Greg is a twin?

Not identical, obviously. :)

It was a gorgeous, sunny day and there wasn’t a rain cloud in sight! It was a tad bit cold, but that didn’t put a damper on anything. Rob and Saori had a quick ceremony outside- and it was absolutely gorgeous (and definitely got me a little choked up!). They wrote their own vows- which may have been the most touching and beautiful vows I’ve ever heard!

The reception was so much fun. Rob owns a letterpress company in Boston (and he is really talented- check him out!) and had designed and printed all of the paper for the wedding (the save-the-date and invitation were beautiful as well!). Being the graphic design nerd that I am, I gushed over the beautiful paper, font and design choices.

Tables were labeled as Boston neighborhoods- we were “South End.”

There was really, really good beer and lots of yummy stuff to munch on during the cocktail hour.

In lieu of wedding favors, Rob and Saori chose to make a donation to the ASPCA. I love that idea!

Greg and I, with the happy couple:

We had so much fun at their wedding- and there were so many beautiful speeches given by Rob and Saori’s friends and family. I didn’t want the night to end- but Greg and I had an early flight the next morning.

We flew out of Boston at 9:00 am to head back down south the Baltimore… and it was back to reality for us. What a fantastic weekend – I can’t wait to head back up there again in the spring!

Have you ever been to Boston? Are there any cities (other than the one you live in) that you “know” really well?


  1. It was so great to finally meet you and Greg! Aaron and I had so much fun hanging out!
    The wedding looked absolutely beautiful, and I love that they chose to make a donation to the ASPCA!
    I think Aaron and I need to plan a trip to your house soon… ;)

  2. I was in Boston years ago, and really liked it! I’d love to get back–and take my husband, since he’s never been.

    By the way, the dress you wore to the wedding is beautiful on you! Very pretty!

  3. I’ve never been to Boston, but have always wanted to go!! you guys clean up well! ;)

  4. That view of Boston is gorgeous. I wish I had spent more time there! Urban getaways are my favorite–especially ones that involve brewery tours. In Cville last week, we hit both a brewery and a vineyard, and it was such a beautiful day to relax and enjoy.

    • Ahhh I love Cville. Did you eat at Callan’s restaurant while you were there? Man their food is good!
      Which winery did you go to?

      • We did! We had oysters and “pollo bites” and it was so freaking tasty. (Haha, we basically just bounced around town eating and drinking everything…) We went to Pippen Hill and did a tasting of each of their wines (really, eating and drinking everything)–nothing out of this world, but the place was absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I love Boston! I was just there a few weeks ago and already can’t wait to go back. Glad you guys had such a nice time. Aside from SF, DC’s the city I know like the back of my hand….love it there and it still feels like home.

    • it’s funny, I’ve lived outside of DC for my entire life, and don’t know the city AT ALL. I know Baltimore like the back of my hand though. :)

  6. A twin!? Cool. I dated a twin once. They weren’t identical either… but I did get the mixed up once!! Haha. What a beautiful autumn wedding! Dubuque, IA and Santiago, DR are my other two home cities!! :)

  7. that sounds like such a cool wedding! I love Boston. Did I mention that? :)

  8. That picture of Boston/harbor…sooo pretty!

    And that hotel gym?! WOW! Looks like a fun weekend to me!

  9. I went to college in Cambridge, MA, so I know Boston quite well! I LOVE that city – it totally has the big-city-small-town-feel thing going for it. There was never a shortage of things to do, whether it was foodie stuff, athletics, or history. I miss Boston already (graduated in May)!

    • Yup- Boston definitely has a lot going on! We never go to Cambridge when we visit- I definitely need to plan time for that soon!

  10. Alright this post made me want to go back to Boston stat! When I went there last summer I didn’t hit up any breweries, what gives? I always forget that Harpoon is there so I will have to add it to my imaginary itinerary

  11. I live in Boston – glad to hear you had a fab time here :) I’ve never actually been to the Salty Pig! I’ll have to check it out soon.

  12. What a fantastic weekend!!! I have never been to Boston, and I want to go so badly! That hotel gym is crazy!! When I go… will you tell me all the places I need to see???

    • Absolutely!!! I have a pretty long list of things that I love to see/do there- and would be happy to give recommendations!

  13. What a great weekend! I miss that city so much!!!

  14. Wow, sounds like you had an amazing time! I’m totally jealous of all the beer tasting! I’m really wanting to try more seasonal beers since I had my first pumpkin ale at Oktoberfest a couple of weeks ago.

    LOVE the pic from the wedding…best smoochy shot ever! And gorgeous colors!

    I’ve never been to Boston (or many other places for that matter), but I’d love to visit one day. I’d like to say I know Nashville pretty well, but I swear every time I go, I find something else I never knew about! Lol

  15. I can’t believe I didn’t comment yet. I’m so glad that you had fun! You looked great for the wedding. What a beautiful setting for the wedding!!! I can’t wait to see you again!

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