WIAW 10: The Last Day Of The Omnivore

oatmeal bar

If you’re a little confused by the title for this week’s WIAW post, go back and check out the details from the vegan experiment that Greg and I are doing. :)

Now that you’re caught up to speed… I chose to photograph eats from this past Sunday, since it was the last day for a while that I’ll be consuming meat, dairy or eggs. The funny thing is- as I look over these photos- I noticed that I didn’t really eat that much of any of those things (well, I had more than a bit of yogurt…). Greg and I had planned ahead to make burgers with the bit of ground beef that we had in the freezer. We had consciously been “emptying out the fridge” the week before, so that we wouldn’t be letting a lot of food go to waste.

The morning began in Boston- and we were catching a 9:00 am flight back to Baltimore. One of the things I like about catching an early flight out of Logan is the Cosi oatmeal bar in the Southwest/Airtran terminal.

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