WIAW 10: The Last Day Of The Omnivore

If you’re a little confused by the title for this week’s WIAW post, go back and check out the details from the vegan experiment that Greg and I are doing. :)

Now that you’re caught up to speed… I chose to photograph eats from this past Sunday, since it was the last day for a while that I’ll be consuming meat, dairy or eggs. The funny thing is- as I look over these photos- I noticed that I didn’t really eat that much of any of those things (well, I had more than a bit of yogurt…). Greg and I had planned ahead to make burgers with the bit of ground beef that we had in the freezer. We had consciously been “emptying out the fridge” the week before, so that we wouldn’t be letting a lot of food go to waste.

The morning began in Boston- and we were catching a 9:00 am flight back to Baltimore. One of the things I like about catching an early flight out of Logan is the Cosi oatmeal bar in the Southwest/Airtran terminal.

I loaded up my oatmeal with a few different types of nuts + fruit and grabbed a coffee (with a little bit of milk).

Not quite as good as my perfect oatmeal- but definitely good enough!

While we were on the plane, the flight attendants passed out these bad boys for a snack.

Normally I wouldn’t have any interest in the junk that’s usually given out on a plane… but a Biscoff cookie? Yes, please.

By the time we finally got home, it had been roughly five hours since I had eaten breakfast- and that one tiny cookie definitely didn’t fill me back up. I pulled together a few things that were in the fridge- including the last egg left in the carton, and made myself a salad with tons of mixed greens, tomato, goat cheese and a runny egg. And since I still have so many P28 bagels (and bread) in my freezer, I had half of one of those as well (they are not vegan since they are made with whey protein).

Ahh… my last egg. I savored every bite.

After lunch, I headed out to make a huge grocery run and to stock up on all kinds of “vegan staples” for the pantry and fridge. One of my favorite finds was this hummus, which is made locally. I immediately dug a spoon into this when I got back home.

It’s hard to describe the flavor of this. It’s definitely not dessert-like and not overly sweet. A little sweet, mostly savory… and strangely good.

After a spoonful or two of hummus, I made myself a legitimate snack of yogurt with cashews, pear and cranberries (heated up and spiced with cinnamon).

I really wish I could find a vegan replacement for Greek yogurt that has the same nutritional stats and tastes as good…

Greg and I had planned on using the very last bit of our grass-fed ground beef to make bulked-up burgers with mushroom and onion for the “last supper.” I also roasted some Japanese sweet potatoes, broccoli, and made a salad with the last bit of the goat cheese.

This was really tasty- and to be honest, the burger was probably my least favorite thing on the plate. A Japanese sweet potato will pretty much always dominate any meal it’s a part of.

We had ONE more little container of plain Chobani in the fridge, and I just couldn’t waste it- so I whipped up some “frozen yogurt” for dessert. I had let the yogurt freeze, and blended it with frozen raspberries and a little almond milk in the Vitamix, and shared it with Greg. I also made a little chocolate protein muffin using cocoa powder and egg white protein.

The yogurt tasted FANTASTIC! The muffin was… meh.

That’s it for any meat, eggs or dairy for a while on my WIAW posts. But, I must say- we have definitely been eating wonderful, delicious food over the last few days, and I don’t miss the animal protein one bit!

What would be harder for you to give up: eggs, meat or dairy?


  1. I tried vegan for about 8 months – for heart health. I watched Forks over Knives and I went vegan “cold turkey”. It was hard. I’m sending positive vibes your way. The craved eggs – and I don’t eat that many to begin with.
    I believe everyone has to find what works for them – personally, I got totally run down on the strictly vegan diet. And I gained weight. I think I was eating too many calorie dense foods (beans, nuts, etc.).
    I’m much happier, lighter, and leaner by having a bit of dairy and lean meats in my diet.
    Looking forward to reading about your experiment.

    • Thanks, Nicole! It hasn’t been that hard, because I was kind of “easing into it” over the last few weeks… but not having ANY dairy or eggs is a little bit challenging. I definitely can see how people can gain weight from going vegan- but I’m hoping that doesn’t happen to me! :)

  2. oh i know! they need a vegan greek yogurt that doesn’t look or taste like jello! i am curious to see how your blood work comes out. Make sure to get those b12′s!

  3. Your food looks so good.

    That houmous sounds amazing! I love houmous!

    Good luck with you’re vegan experiment. I was vegan a few years ago because I have a slight diary intollerance and was veggie at the time. I found it really really hard. But it meant I had to get more experimental in the kitchen.

  4. I think the hardest thing to give up might be eggs (I use egg whites to up my protein all the time!).

    I really want to track down that hummus you tried. It looks sooooo interesting! And cinnamon/raisin? Yum!

  5. It’s a tie between dairy and eggs. Although I have given up dairy (mostly) since I realized it was causing me stomach distress. It is really hard though.

    • I didn’t know you gave up dairy (I’ve been behind on blogs for weeks now)- but I had a feeling that may be the issue with your tummy troubles :(

  6. I’ve really been enjoying eggs lately and despite being lactose intolerant, dairy would be the hardest because I would miss my Greek yogurt SO much!

  7. I can’t wait to read about your experiment! It would be the hardest for me to give up meat. I already can’t eat milk or eggs, so it would be very hard for me to get protein otherwise.

  8. I’ve been making protein mug cakes like crazy. it’s pretty sad. I need to stop.

    also, good luck on your experiment! I realized yesterday that I’ve been accidentally 95% vegan since Sunday (I had an omelette on Sunday, a chobani on Monday, and half an egg white last night). Thinking I could totally keep this up for the rest of the week and cross something off my 30 before 30 list. ;)

  9. I can’t wait to see how your vegan experiment goes!! I don’t eat meat- just some fish. I am allergic to milk, but eggs would be hard for me!
    I love eggs. I was vegan for years, but I have found that my body does best with a bit of eggs and fish in my diet!

  10. Girl, do WholeSoy & Co plain yogurt. It’s awesome, has a great texture, and I don’t know what the stats are on your greek yogurt, but this stuff has about 150 cals and 8 grams of protein per container. I always amp it up with a little bit of vega protein powder (love that stuff).

    It’s uber um, trust moi!

  11. Wow, good luck on the experiment! I was vegan for about a year. But cheese was tough to give up. I do live in the state where a cheese wedge is acceptable head gear so, well – hard to avoid. Now I am about 85/15 – occassional dairy splurges. But I honestly feel my best when I avoid it.

  12. I always used to fly Southwest from Boston to Phoenix on my college breaks – I remember that Cosi too well!! :)

  13. I was mostly vegan for a year and I missed meat/fish….sometimes I just craved it and honestly, felt better with some animal protein in me. Hope you guys have a good experience on the challenge!

  14. I would miss cheese. I don’t eat much of it during the week, but it’s usually involved in several of my weekend eats. Though I do eat a lot of eggs, too… Meat would be the easiest thing to give up since I don’t cook it at home anyway.

  15. I am impressed! I would miss my eggs, grk yogurt, cheese, and whey protein SO bad. I wouldn’t ever do it. But props to you!

  16. i can’t wait to follow along! we do a three week Daniel Fast at our church every January – which is basically “Vegan – No Sugar!” It is tough, but you feel AMAZING afterwards!

  17. I’m not sure i could live a life without eggs and cheese, it’s what my dreams are made of ;) Good luck with your challenge!!!

  18. I don’t think I could go vegan simply because it would be too hard for me to give up Greek yogurt. I really think I could do everything else, but that’s a deal breaker for me!

  19. I made a microwave cake for breakfast this morning, I’m still perfecting my vegan version and it’s getting close. I’ve only made two to far. :) Cheese was the hardest for me to give up, but I’ve found it’s the easiest to replace (although it’s annoying how many dishes it’s in when eating out – good thing I am not shy about asking for changes!). I occasionally miss eggs, but really only for Eggs Benedict or soft-boiled. :)

  20. That hummus sounds really interesting, I’ve never had it with a “sweet spin” on it! And YES for a salad with a dippy/runny egg, SO TASTY! I would vote for meat; but not fish; hopefully that’s in the “rules”. Good luck!

  21. I love that you went out with some good yolk porn. Can’t wait to hear more about the switch.

  22. Ahhh, I’ve GOT to try that hummus! The curiosity is killing me! Lol Bet it would’ve tasted good stuffed in that sweet potato! Mmmm! And seriously, you never turn down a Biscoff cookie…NEVER!

    Meat would definitely not be hard for me to give up since I’m not a big meat eater anyway, but dairy or eggs? That’s a hard one…I guess I’d have to go with dairy since I pretty much have cottage cheese or Greek yogurt on a daily basis and, believe it or not, CAN go a day or so without an egg! ;)

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