Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, and things are getting back to normal. I feel very fortunate that, in the aftermath, we have minimal damage to our house. We have a few shingles missing from the roof, some limbs that broke off trees in the backyard, and one tree in front of the house that split right in half .

I don’t really mind though… I always hated that tree.

We (stupidly) forgot to bring our recycling container inside (it’s one of the gigantic ones on wheels), which we usually leave right outside of the garage. I looked all around our yard and couldn’t find it anywhere. Then, I spotted a recycling bin laying on it’s side all the way over to the opposite side of our nextdoor neighbor’s yard. I wondered if it was ours at first… but then I saw a trail of empty tofu containers, almond milk cartons, cans of Dale’s Pale Ale and an empty case of Southern Tier beer. Yup. Definitely ours.

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