My Fitness Career


Happy Friday! If you haven’t entered the KIND Snacks Trick or Treat giveaway- you’ve still got plenty of time! Go do it!

And now, a little rambling (or as I like to call it: reflection).

When I started this blog a little over a year ago, I was a full-time high school teacher that taught Spinning classes twice a week. A few months later, I became a certified Bodypump instructor and started subbing for those classes until I was able to get my own weekly classes in the spring. A new branch of the health club that I work at opened in April, and all of the sudden I was teaching four weekly Spinning and two Bodypump classes, all while still teaching high school full-time. I had been wanting to leave my teaching job for years, and realized that it was finally time to focus on pursuing my dream job as a personal trainer.

After the school year ended, I happily closed that chapter of my life (of being a teacher) and started focusing on the next big thing. I took on another weekly class and also subbed (on average) a few classes a week. After a few months of that, my body started letting me know that I was doing too much (sometimes teaching fifteen or more classes a week- and up to three a day), so I ended up dropping a few classes and not always agreeing to cover anytime someone needed it. While the money is nice, and I love teaching, I really need to listen to my body and get adequate rest.

I’m now teaching three Spinning and three Bodypump classes each week, as well as one Core Strength class (which is directly after my Tuesday early morning Spinning class- and offers a really nice follow up to the high intensity cardio with core work and deep stretching). I don’t have any regular classes scheduled on Thursday and Saturday- and that’s been really nice. I feel good with my teaching schedule, and that I have just the right amount of classes.

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