Miso-Glazed Sweet Potato Salad


For the last few months, my dear friend Heather has had a party goin’ on over at her blog every Monday that she calls MMAZ. This stands for “Meatless Mondays from A to Z.” A different ingredient is featured each week, which starts with a different letter of the alphabet (going all the way from “A” to “Z”). Heather reveals the ingredients a few letters at a time at the beginning of the month, which allows for some time to plan.

MMAZ Better With Veggies

Unfortunately, I have only participated in one MMAZ post so far, which was the letter “B.” B =
Beet Burgers. Oh man, those were good.

And now, she’s halfway through the alphabet! When I saw that the ingredient for the letter “M” was Miso, I knew I had to jump back on board.

Years ago, my friend Kelly introduced me to a restaurant in DC called Teaism. There are a few different locations, and they’re known for several different unique and delicious foods. I initially went there to try out their chai tea and salty oat cookies, which are fabulous, but something else completely won my heart: the sweet potato salad. I first tried it when I ordered a bento box for lunch one day, and it blew me away! I tried to recreate the sweet potato salad back then, and it didn’t taste anything like the one from Teaism (and it tasted awful). This past week, I was determined to try again. And this time I found success!

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