MaxFlow Cross-Grip Hairband [Giveaway!]


As a Fitfluential Ambassador, I was recently given the opportunity to review a MaxFlow Cross-Grip Hairband. I’ve been a fan of hairbands for years, as usually wear them for the reasons of fashion and functionality (to keep my long hair out of my face!).

When I read about the MaxFlow Cross-Grip Hairband on the company’s website, I was immediately intrigued. The hairbands are specifically designed to be multi-functional. Not only do they pull hair away from your face, but they also work like a sweatband by actually managing your sweat! This was great news to me- because when I exercise, I sweat a lot- and it often drips down my face.

The MaxFlow Cross-Grip hairbands currently come in Pink/Black, Black/Green and Black/White. I’ve also been told that within the next two months, they will also be available in neon green and houndstooth. :)

My MaxFlow Cross-Grip Hairband arrived last week, and I was stoked that it was hot pink!

The cross grips on the back of the hairband help for it to stay secure and not shift around during exercise. I’m sure that you can relate to the annoying feeling of your hairband sliding further and further back, until it eventually falls off! That kind of movement is one of the biggest complaints that I have about hairbands that I have tried in the past.

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