MaxFlow Cross-Grip Hairband WINNERS

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Did you win your very own MaxFlow Cross-Grip Hairband???

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Weekend Tidbits


Hello! I hope your weekend was wonderful, and that the weather was just as beautiful as it was here in Maryland! We had temps in the 60s and tons of sunshine- which was a great contrast to the freakishly cold weather from last week.


I was productive on Friday – if you want to call it that. :) I started off the day by teaching my new 7:00 am Bodypump class. I love teaching at that time of day! I had been teaching a cycle express class at 4:15, followed by Bodypump at 5:00 every Friday since last April up until the start of November. That was a hard time frame. The cycle class was generally tiny, and there were several weeks that I only had one person show up! The Bodypump class was also usually pretty small, but a great group of people nonetheless. For me, I’m just much better in the morning- and have discovered that 7:00 is the absolute perfect time to teach on a weekday. It’s not too early, but early enough that I can teach and still have the entire day open.

After class, I came home and got showered, re-fueled, and headed out the door to meet a client for personal training. After that, I had an acupuncture appointment, got my car washed, and polished up my feet.

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