Weekend Tidbits

Hello! I hope your weekend was wonderful, and that the weather was just as beautiful as it was here in Maryland! We had temps in the 60s and tons of sunshine- which was a great contrast to the freakishly cold weather from last week.


I was productive on Friday – if you want to call it that. :) I started off the day by teaching my new 7:00 am Bodypump class. I love teaching at that time of day! I had been teaching a cycle express class at 4:15, followed by Bodypump at 5:00 every Friday since last April up until the start of November. That was a hard time frame. The cycle class was generally tiny, and there were several weeks that I only had one person show up! The Bodypump class was also usually pretty small, but a great group of people nonetheless. For me, I’m just much better in the morning- and have discovered that 7:00 is the absolute perfect time to teach on a weekday. It’s not too early, but early enough that I can teach and still have the entire day open.

After class, I came home and got showered, re-fueled, and headed out the door to meet a client for personal training. After that, I had an acupuncture appointment, got my car washed, and polished up my feet.

I don’t think I had gotten a pedicure since July, during my weekend getaway to Charlottesville with my mom. My feet were looking scary, but they’re much prettier now!

I spent the rest of the day researching some exercises and working on some program design, cleaning and hanging out with the pups. Greg had to work late in DC, so I enjoyed a quiet evening at home with a book and Epsom salt bath.

I was reading Eat To Live, in case you’re wondering. I love Dr. Joel Fuhrman!



I taught Bodypump (subbing for anther instructor), and then came back home to grab a quick shower and head down to Rockville to meet up with Lee and Jason for lunch! I have read Lee’s blog ever since I started writing mine, and we have a long-standing joke that we are “twins.” And really- I can’t believe we had never met until this past weekend!

We decided to have lunch at Lebanese Taverna. I’ve wanted to go there forever, so when Lee suggested it, I happily agreed. They have lots of vegetarian/vegan options, which was definitely a plus. I got a salad made up of roasted eggplant, chickpeas and roasted tomatoes and it was delicious! Greg and I also shared some hummus and pita bread.

We had such a great time hanging out with Lee and Jason!

Sadly, they were a bit short on time and had a wedding to get to later that afternoon. I’m hoping that we can definitely see them again soon and might seriously need to start thinking about making a trip down to Atlanta in the spring.

We ran a few errands, which included a grocery stop at Whole Foods, where I finally found a pair of red Toms in a size 9!

I have been looking for these shoes in stores for almost a year (and yes, I know I could have ordered them online), and always find them in every size but 9. I’m so happy they’re finally MINE.

We also made quick trip over to REI (where I bought THE STICK). I got a travel size one, so that I could easily take it with me to the gym and when I travel. I’ve wanted one of these forever- and don’t know why I waited so long!

Greg and I rented the movie The Five Year Engagement from Redbox and watched it that night. It was so good! I absolutely love an movie by Judd Apatow – and adore Jason Segal (who also co-wrote the movie!).



The weather on Sunday was insanely beautiful, but unfortunately, I spent most of the day inside. I taught Spinning in the morning, came home and cleaned, did stuff around the house and worked on some program designs for a few hours. Right smack in the middle of the day, I headed back over to the gym to renew my CPR/AED certification. I got to know this guy real well.

It kind of sucked to have this in the middle of the day, but it was nice for the group ex. manager to organize it for everyone, and now I’m good for two more years.

We closed out the weekend by going on a double date with our friends Ken and Terri to (where else?) Great Sage. :) Neither of them had ever been there before, and I knew they would love it. And they did! I think Ken ordered one of everything on the menu… which doesn’t surprise me one bit. They are heading to Australia for two weeks to visit a friend and for Ken to get some kind of kettlebell instructor certification (I’m not sure which- I think he already has one type) to add to his growing collection of certifications.

All in all, a great weekend! And I begin today by teaching a new 5:30 am cycle class, followed by Bodypump immediately after…. zzzzz….

Today’s the last day to enter the MaxFlowSports giveaway!!

What did you do this past weekend?



  1. Looks like a GREAT weekend! I really need a pedicure too. My mom has been talking about it; I should make her follow through. ;)
    I spent my weekend running my first 10k race and getting one last chance to look at my great uncles old cars before they go to auction.

  2. YAY! We’re TOMS twins! I love my red TOMS (although mine are a size 11).

  3. Mmm, that Lebanese food looks awesome.
    Ha, when I first saw the promo for that 5 Year Engagement, I was thinking, “JOE, they finally made a movie about us!” I still need to see it though–perhaps over a gloriously relaxing winter break :-)

  4. So, I got a pedicure right before I went to meet you guys and of course, it’s practically the same color as yours!

    So fun to finally meet. Hopefully next time we’ll have more time. And thanks again for the Kind bars. Yum.

  5. I was so totally jealous of your bubble bath. I want to get an awesome bathtub when I get a house. There will be a butt bench involved. (just google “butt bench bathtub”)

  6. LOVE the red Toms, and pedi!!!

  7. Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    Sounds like a fabulous weekend! We laid low this weekend, with the exception of friends over for dinner on Friday & Sunday night. We relaxed, ran errands, and painted a room. Oh yea, and I baked a lot. It was great!

  8. Yay for the new classes! That is a great time. Oddly enough, I really love 530 and 545 am classes. They’re so fun to teach. I am better with BP then cardio at night, but I totally prefer morning teaching to night teaching.

    Love the Toms!!

  9. Love the nail polish color on your toe nails! :)

  10. snacksnarkbark says:

    Sigh, I am in major need of a pedi…..and a bubble. I’m sharing a bathroom with a new roommate who’s a guy and I feel odd taking a bubble when he is right outside crashing on the couch. Two more weeks til he moves into a bedroom!

  11. Wow!! Your weekend sounds awesome friend!! It was beautiful here too this weekend. I need to come to Maryland just to try a body pump class! :) btw… your feet are pretty! I freakish feet.. thanks to all my dancing years…

  12. I’m a mani/pedi kind of gal. I used to only get them during the summer, but after seeing my heels randomly one winter I realized that was a horrible idea for my dinosaur feet. I’m glad you had such a relaxing weekend! You deserve it for working so hard!

  13. Gosh, every time I read your blog I am reminded how alike we are. :)

    Even in silly ways…like, do I remember the last time I had a pedicure? Definitely not. I DO remember the last time I had a manicure, and now my nails have been stripped from it and what once were strong are ugly and weak and I am VERY upset about it….but I digress.

    Also, I loved Five-Year Engagement. It was a little too long, really, but I was actually able to sit through it, which is the sign of a good movie for my ADD self.

    Next time I come visit I think we should make our own Lebanese meal? Maybe?

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