WIAW 16: And Then, There Were Eggs.

Happy WIAW, friends! If you couldn’t guess from the title of today’s post, I did indeed eat some eggs. After six weeks without any eggs, meat or dairy, eggs were the only thing that I really missed. I went and bought a carton of them from a nearby farmer that raises happy, free-roaming chickens. I was definitely happy to bring them back into my diet this past Monday! And- I incorporated them into every single meal.

Since I love the way that Cassie lays out her WIAW posts, I’m copying her idea for mine today. Disclaimer: these photos suck. Obviously I need to check to make sure that they are focused after I take them. And I will also choose a prettier cloth next time to shoot against. Oye.






1. Perfect Oatmeal (made with one egg white)

2. Runny egg on a piece of Ezekiel bread with mashed avocado underneath, mixed greens salad with carrots, cucumber and pumpkin seeds

3. Strawberry protein muffin (containing one egg white, amongst other things) and Sweet Harvest Pumpkin tea latte with coconut milk ice cubes. I know that the curdled coconut milk looks REALLY appealing.

4. Pasta shells stuffed with “cheese” (silken tofu, spinach, nooch, Italian seasonings, spinach, etc.), mixed greens

5. Sliced pear with Saigon cinnamon, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea (both C.S. teas were bought at their factory in Boulder!). Sorry for the glare.

Welcome back, eggs. You were missed.

(This wasn’t everything that I ate the entire day. There were a few handfuls of grapes and some cashews throughout the day as well.)

One more thing… for those of you that are into silly dog videos. I took this video of Lance and Jackson playing yesterday while I was typing this post up. They do this several times a day (chase each other around in circles and play hide and seek). I love my little goofballs.

Go join in on the WIAW fun!

Are you an egg fan? What’s your favorite way to eat them? (Mine is poached, over toast. My mom makes ‘em best!)


  1. Can’t go wrong with a veggie-packed omelette!

  2. Mmmm, I could seriously go for some pasta shells!

  3. Nothing wrong with eggs. I eat at least 4 a day :)

  4. I could never be vegan because I LOVE eggs. I could eat them every day. My favorite is eggs for dinner with black beans, roasted red peppers, and salsa. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I LOVE eggs! I’ve especially loved them since being pregnant. I whisk them into my oats, eat them on egg sandwiches, hard boil them for snacks, put them in salads, make veggie omelets… You name it. I’m not sure I can pick a favorite way!

  6. Your dogs are so adorable! And welcome back to the eggs! :)

  7. I like this layout for WIAW. So easy to read and follow! I love eggs . . . hard boiled or scrambled are the easiest. But I also really like a good “dippy egg”. I think other people call that over-easy, or something. :)

  8. I love that video! Honey and Barley do the same thing, but they are SO much louder! Puggles are really vocal, I guess. :)
    I read an interesting take on eggs yesterday that came about after Ellen announced she’s no longer vegan. It brought up some good points I hadn’t considered (like where farmers get the chickens, what they do with them when they can no longer produce eggs). Here’s the link if you’re interested: http://bit.ly/UUZPCr I personally wouldn’t have even thought to ask those questions.

  9. I love eggs.

    I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I always forget which of your dogs is which. Who is the lighter one?

  10. Kat Cuttitta says:

    I always put an egg white in my oatmeal now Lauren! Thanks for the idea!

  11. I freaking LOVE eggs. SO good. I like ‘em almost any kind of way ;)

  12. ya for eggs! they missed you. And lOOOOOVE that video. Adorable! playing chase. hehe

  13. Number 3 looks amazing! I love protein muffins and strawberries would be so good!

    I’m allergic to eggs, so not exactly an egg fan… But when I could eat them I loved to make protein powder concoctions, egg sandwiches, and egg burritos.

  14. I will go so long without eating eggs, and then once I have one I can’t get enough!:) All your eats look delicious! Happy WIAW!

  15. I like this layout for WIAW too! I love me some eggs. I don’t think I could ever go back to being a vegan b/c of eggs!

  16. haha I’ve been wanting to copy this idea forever. also, I’m glad you’re eating eggs because I know how much you missed them!

  17. I tried that Pumpkin tea when I found it in the Teachers Lounge the other day. It was good, but not ‘spicy’ enough for me. :) I just received the Sugar Cookie in the mail…can’t wait to try it, especially since one of my friends was so obsessed with it last year that instead of a manhunt we were on an FBI style teahunt for it.

  18. I love this clean WIAW layout – and glad you found happy eggs! :)

  19. I’ve never thought of using a pretty table cloth for my food pics, good idea!!

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