5×5 For Friday II: Holiday Edition!

Happy Friday, folks. Did you win the lottery? Yeah, neither did I. I took a look back at the list that I made during the last big Mega Millions jackpot yesterday and I would still do the exact same thing with my winnings!

I made a 5×5 for Friday post back in October, and thought it would be fun to do another one today. This time, I gave it a holiday theme! Nothing like a little mindless fun, right? If you have a blog, feel free to copy the categories and paste them on your own!

5×5: Holiday Edition!

5 traditions that I look forward to every holiday season:

1. Cutting down my own Christmas tree and spending a night decorating it (while blasting some Christmas tunes and drinking hot chocolate)

2. Seeing the amazing, tacky and wonderful lights display on the street perpendicular to mine (where almost all of the houses go all out with lights, inflatables, etc.) where all of the houses look like this:

and the holiday lights on Market Street in downtown Frederick (this picture is from my friend Jessica):

3. Holiday parties every weekend (especially when they include ugly sweaters)

4. Christmas eve at my mom’s house

5. Buying and wrapping presents. I swear, I get more excited about buying gifts for other people than I do myself!


5 Holiday recipes that I want to make:

1. Garlic Pistachio Cranberry Tarts, SpaBettie

Garlic Pistachio Cranberry Tart


2. Sinless Sticky Toffee Pecan Pudding, Oh She Glows

Toffee Pudding


3. Cinnamon Sugar Bread Bake, edible perspective

Cinnamon Sugar Bread Bake


4. White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Bites No Sugar Sweet Life



5. Spiced Rosemary Maple Cider Nuts Running to the Kitchen

Spiced Rosemary Maple Nuts


5 things that I want for Christmas (no matter how unrealistic they may be)

1. A Macbook Pro

2. The new iMac (coming out soon)

3. A nice, durable carry-on bag like the one Greg has:


4. Sparkly silver and black canvas TOMS (and about 10 other pairs with different fabrics/patterns)

5. A cozy, warm winter jacket like this one:



5 Christmas songs (that are played on the radio) that I either love or hate

1. All I want for Christmas Is You: LOVE

2. Do they know it’s Christmas: HATE

3. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire): LOVE

4. Wonderful Christmastime: HATE

5. Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy: LOVE (that was Greg’s choice)


5 Awesome winter (seasonal) beers

1. Sam Adams White Christmas

2. Longtrail Hibernator

3. 21st Amendment Brewery Fireside Chat


4. Breckenridge Brewery Christmas Ale

5. New Belgium Snow Day


Tomorrow is December first! Whoa!

Your turn- pick anything from the list and tell me your thoughts about it!


  1. I love big warm jackets. But I have a rule about winter coats…they have to cover my backside! Otherwise I get too cold. Last year I bought a nice long NorthFace and I also have a head-to-toe (well, ankle) puffer from Eddie Bauer.

    • Hmm… I never thought about making sure it covered my butt, but I guess that the winter jackets I get usually do! A big puffer coat sounds SO great….

  2. I feel like we need a Blend beer tasting party! ;)

  3. Great list! I haven’t had the Sam Adam’s brew, but I keep hearing good things about Fireside Chat. I’m also a fan of Anchor Christmas.

    • I was totally having a brain fart when I was trying to think of winter beers that I like. I’ll probably think of a bunch more over the next few days and be like “I should have said that one!” The Fireside Chat is SO good (all 21st Amendment beer is- and it’s cooler because it comes in a CAN).

  4. I have to share my story about “All I want for Christmas is You” (mariah carey version — isn’t it a cover?).

    I lived in the dorms in 2005 (?) and the people above me played that on repeat for “loud hour” during dead and finals week (we had a noise ordinance in effect for studying). So for 2 weeks straight, that song, on repeat. barf.

    • Lol! That would make me hate it, too. Most of the songs that I HATE are because of a personal connection. It’s not the song’s fault.. just the circumstance.
      So I take it that you’re not a fan of Love, Actually (or at least the end)?

  5. Love that picture of downtown Frederick, sooo pretty! I’m going to have to try to get up there sometime during the holiday season to see it.

    Bought the White Christmas and a Shocktop Raspberry Wheat on a whim last week, mostly for my sister and brother-in-law who were in town for Thanksgiving. My sister could not stop raving about the White Christmas, saying it was possibly the best beer she’s ever had. My bro-in-law really liked the Shocktop too. Guess I chose well!! :-)

  6. OK, this is super fun…I might have to copy you. [Of course, I keep saying that about all of these survey posts and have I done one? Nope.]

    I somehow lucked into free dark grey canvas, with sheen Toms for free over Thanksgiving. [I have a very kind aunt, and may have taken advantage of my little sister's cluelessness about them to end up with them in MY suitcase instead of hers...]

    Also, I hate Wonderful Christmastime and Do They Know It’s Christmas? too. While I love traditional songs like Oh Holy Night, and The Christmas Song…I actually spend the most time bopping around to 90s pop songs like “My Only Wish (This Year)” by Britney Spears, “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” by *NSYNC, and Christina Aguilera’s version of “This Christmas.”

    • Free Toms? SCORE! I love Oh Holy Night- and YESSSS to the late 90s pop (not just around Christmas either!). I also remember rocking out to NKOTB’s Christmas album (on cassette!) back in the day…

  7. I really feel ready for the Christmas season this year (although my house would NOT be an indication of it!). I’m hoping I can decorate our front porch this weekend!!

  8. Okay, I can see why you linked to those five recipes. Holy cow, they all look incredible! I’m in agreement with your Christmas song loves/hates. especially the chestnut song–drives me crazy. One I love is God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen…but it has to be the version by the bare naked ladies. :)

  9. Weird, I wasn’t hungry, then I read this, and now I am. I have bookmarked that toffee pudding and will try to convince my husband to make it (one trip from the fire department to my kitchen due to my cooking was enough thankyouverymuch). He already makes a really mean bread pudding so that should be no sweat for him.

    I’m not really one who gets into the holiday spirit, but this year we’re doing a Beer Advent Calendar with a bunch of friends where we’re doing a different beer from the 1st through the 24th. I have the cases in my garage, I can’t wait to crack the first one open tomorrow. We’re drinking New Belgium’s Snow Day on the 13th and the Breckenridge on the 23rd, I’ve not had either yet.

    • I think I will have to test out Bo’s bread pudding sometime and be the true judge of that…
      Beer Advent Calendar!?!?? That’s the best idea EVER! You need to do a review on Facebook every day- I demand it!!

      • Next time we can convince someone to have us over for a party I’ll have him make some (or maybe one day I’ll, you know, clean my own house). The best part is usually the accompanying bourbon butter sauce which I’ve been putting on everything from biscuits to sweet potatoes.

        The calendar was my friend’s idea, I’m so glad they let us in on it this year! I plan to post a photo and review of each one on FB, maybe the internet will even get to see my hoppy beer face (hilarious, I am assured).

  10. I love New Belgium’s Snow Day… and I hope you DO try those pistachio tarts – one of my favorites that I don’t make nearly enough… Cheers!

  11. Mmmm…the cinnamon sugar bread looks delish!! I will have to check out the recipe.

    • Yeah… Ashley’s recipes are INSANELY good. If I had to pick one blogger’s recipe collection to eat for the rest of my life, it would be hers. And if you check out the recipe, there’s all kinds of options for it. She’s always clever like that (and her photos are so beautiful!).

  12. I love decorating the house too – and tree decorating night is very important! We usually have sparkling wine & caviar (vegan last year). It’s my favorite. :)

  13. I love my macbook pro….just sayin ;)

    I love Joy to the World (song)!

    And I love seeing Christmas lights!!

    • I have a Macbook pro, but I bought it new in 2006. It’s definitely on it’s last legs and the fan is SO loud, it’s hard to even use it! But they are so darn expensive. I think I’ll have to keep sucking it up until I make it BIG as a pro trainer. ;)

  14. I have made that toffee pudding (with a few mods… you know I can’t help myself) and it is AMAZING. Make it when you have company because you will want to devour the whole thing.

    • Oh girl, I know you (and me)- Recipes are a guide map- not a contract!! I live by that. :)
      And good call on making sure that I have people to share it with…

  15. I love that jacket!! The only Christmas song I really hate is that Christmas Shoes song… kills me!

  16. I love the pictures of the Christmas lights! :) This is my favorite time of year.


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