Tis The Season for Giving: [Jamberry Nails Giveaway!]

Have you heard of Jamberry Nails?

I hadn’t until recently, but now I’m in love! I took notice when my friend Sara kept showing up with fun, beautiful designs on her nails every time that I saw her. The designs are so teeny tiny and intricate that I wondered how it was even possible! How could a manicurist create something like that? I quickly found out that they were not something that Sara went to a nail salon to have done- she did them herself at home using Jamberry Nails nail shields.

Sara had recently discovered Jamberry herself and was so in love with wearing them that she decided to become an independent consultant! She explained to me that not only was it a great way to earn a little extra money, but it also supports her Jamberry habit. Sara’s been introducing Jamberry Nails to her friends and family- and we’re all crazy about them! She gave our friend Kim a “baby boy” design because she is expecting a baby boy next month!

Sara’s little girls love them too!

They even make clear nail shields, as Sara’s mother models here:

Last week I went over to Sara’s house so that she could do my nails. And, as you can see… I have no nails.

Sara told me that wearing the shields would actually help my nails grow- because they provide an extra layer of protection! Brilliant! They can last up to three weeks, but are easy to remove when you want to do so. I looked through the inventory that Sara had at her house to pick my design.

I decided to go with stripes.

Big shocker, right?

Each sheet comes with 18 shields (these can also be applied to your toenails!). To apply, you select the shield that most closely matches your nail and then you trim it to fit perfectly. The shields are large enough that you can easily cut one in half to cover two different nails, sometimes even three. Sara explained how to apply the nail shields as she worked on my nails, and it’s definitely something that I could easily do on my own next time. After each shield is applied, you use a blowdryer’s heat to “set” it while smoothing it down at the same time. (You only need to apply the heat for a few seconds.) There’s a video here to show you how to do it. :)

The nail shields are then filed down to fit your own nails perfectly.

It took about 30 minutes for my manicure, and the best part was- I didn’t have to wait for my nails to dry! I also didn’t have to worry about chipping them on the way home. :)

The next night, I even coordinated my nails with a striped top for a friend’s party.


I’ve had my nail shields on for almost a week, and they still look great! And let me tell you- they are definitely something that people notice. I’ve had friends, clients, even strangers compliment my nails and ask where I got them done. I rarely ever wear nail polish at all, but now I want to have my nails covered all the time!

If you’re interested in buying your own Jamberry nails, start here. Look around at the different designs and choose what you want! Nail shields are $15 per sheet (which will!) and if you apply the code “likejamberry” at checkout, you’ll get 10% off of your entire order. AND if you order 3 sheets of nail shields, you get one free! Make sure that you select “Lauren Martin’s Party” at the checkout (there will be a drop down menu that says “Party” when you review your order).

Oh yeah… I almost forgot! The giveaway! Sara has offered to send one lucky reader a sheet of nail shields!

To enter: simply look through the different designs and leave a comment below telling me which one(s) you want the most. Warning: There are a lot of cute designs…. including many with a Christmas theme.

I’ll pick a winner on Monday, December 10th at 8:00 PM EST. Open to US Residents only.

Good luck!




  1. So cute! Much better than waiting for nails to dry.

  2. Those sound fabulous! I’m all about no dry time–otherwise I’m always mess up a manicure! I’d try the nude or a French nail guard. Thanks for the review!

  3. oh my word – i need help in the girl department!! i love the herringbone!

  4. Kat Cuttitta says:

    Too cute! i love the polka dots, my little girl would flip!

  5. So I spent a good 20 minutes figuring out which ones I want, I’m definitely going for some holiday nails (finally settled on the snowflakes on blue since I figure I can wear them all winter). But I don’t have a hair dryer, do you think there’s any way to do it without one? I can’t watch the video at work. I guess I could borrow one from someone who has some hair if it’s the only way!

    • Yes, you can apply them without a hair dryer too! Another popular application method is to use a baby sock filled with rice and rubber banded shut that you have heated in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Just apply the shield to your nail, then press the rice bag over the shield for about 30 seconds to get it nice and hot. Those two methods (hair dryer and rice bag) are the best because you can apply pressure WHILE heating the shields, but you can really use anything to heat them up…a heating pad, coffee mug warmer, the warm zone on your stove (if you have one), you can even hold them in front of a little heater until they get bendy, and then apply them :-)

  6. These are SO cute!! I love the Red White and Green stripe for Christmas!

  7. I am with Lindsay…herringbone is where it is at!

  8. How FUN! I love these! The small multi polka is one of my favorites.

  9. Kathleen R says:

    I had no idea these even existed! So cool! I love the red and white chevron style.

  10. Loved the purple giraffe!!! Totally cute designs

  11. How cool! I’ve tried a similar product by Sally Hansen but didn’t find that they lasted as long as I’d like.
    As for which I’d choose, that’s tough, but I’m loving “purple giraffe”, “Paw prints”, and “amethyst sparkle”.

  12. I’m pretty tough on my nails and I currently get the Gel-ish nail polish about once a month but would love to do something more inexpensive AND that would stay longer without chipping. Sounds easy to apply too. My fave is the dark red one with the white swirls. Thanks Lauren!

  13. I really like the holiday snowflakes…wintery but not Christmasy! :0

  14. So many cute designs to choose from–red and white polka dots for me.

  15. Oh my goodness! SOOO cute. I want, I want. Pick me! I want a glittery holiday design :)

  16. I would choose the string of lights. These are so cute!

  17. Like you, I love a good stripe on any day… so my favorite is the red, white, and green diagonal stripe!

  18. These are great! I’ve seen something similar but never with so many options… I definitely love the french tips & of course the red sparkles!!

  19. These are so cute! I’m loving the blue snowflake design for the holidays!

  20. I love the turquoise floral pattern-so pretty!

  21. The good thing about teaching in elementary school is that if I rocked ANY of those patterns I would be the “Coolest. Teacher. Ever.” At least according to my second graders. :)

    I’m drawn to the glitter gold, the snowflakes, and the Christmas balls…but I also like the green/red/white stripes…

    I need something to strengthen my nails FOR SURE. I don’t know what has happened to them but the once beautiful and strong glories have become brittle and gross.

  22. nuttybuttersnboxersNikki says:

    Love them all!!!!! Especially the french tipped ones

  23. Perfect gift for the 10 yr. old girl I babysit…either the snowflakes or the lights!

  24. I never do my nails because they would be destroyed in minutes, so these look awesome! I think my favorites are purple tip on clear, teal sparkle, and purple primrose.

  25. I definitely want the colorful snowflakes on the top right!! ……or the red/white polka dot ones on the bottom right! So many good ones to choose from.

  26. Onyx sparkle & the gold fishnet on clear are SUPER cute!

  27. My favorite is the 3rd to last one on the second line! Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Shayla B. says:

    Absolutely loving the red and white intricate floral design! Your striped nails are darling.

  29. These are so much better than a manicure which depending on the type can weaken your nail – I love the idea! Plus, this is something I can let our tweens do with reckless abandon!

  30. Tracie Trump says:

    My fav is green zebra, tracietrump@yahoo.com

  31. ashley f. says:

    These are too cute! I just bought a dress for a Christmas party I have in a few weeks and the white and silver lace would be perfect.

  32. I love the blue/white ones in the first picture (couldn’t find them on the website)!!!!! Love that you can get salon nails in the comfort of your home!!!!

    • The blue ones are called “decorative blue” and unfortunately they have been discontinued :-( You can still get the same style in black or coral though!

  33. So hard to decide. I’d go with red sparkle

  34. These are sooooo Cute!!! Probably much better then waiting for my nail to dry at the salon and hopefully last longer. Want to try!!

    Picking – the CHRISTMAS RED PLAID

  35. I used to do nail art EVERY DAY in middle school. True story. I’d take off the polish and repaint a new design daily. Thanks for the giveaway! I’d go with a boring sparkle design.

  36. Cute! I like the Christmas Light nails.

  37. I love the “Ornaments” nails…SO pretty.

  38. i love the design in the first picture of the post! So cute!

  39. Oh, the sparkly gold for sure! Would love to try them out.

  40. I like the Dark Red Floral .. so pretty!!

  41. these are awesome! and would be perfect for me since i’m terrible at painting my own nails. i love the gold glitter!

  42. I love the candy cane stripes!

  43. This are so awesome! My little mini me would love these too. I am in love with the turquoise and white stripped ones.

  44. Love the polka dots!

  45. I love the peppermints. I have smaller nails than yours and, based off your post, was willing to buy some sheets as girl-family-holiday project for my three aunts, my sister and myself!

  46. Natalie Kellogg says:

    I love the red with white polka dots! These are so cute!!! Love your blog and am super jealous you teach body pump! I wish my gym had it! :)

  47. There’s a whole category with my name on it!!! Of course, I love the ‘autumn’ nails, but the blue anchor is my ultimate favorite! SO CUTE!!!!!

    • I just ordered some of the blue anchors for a cruise I’m doing next month…they are SO cute in person! The little anchors are metallic (which doesn’t come across in the picture) and makes them so adorable!


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