WIAW 18: Beer Pairing Dinner


It’s 12.12.12!!! :)

I have a really good group of friends that happen to love good food and even better beer. We’ve gotten together a few times in the past for “pairing dinners,” in which we’ve each brought a dish (or two) to be paired with a specific adult beverage. The first time we ever did this (back before I was blogging), we focused solely on pairing food with wine. Last February, we had another pairing dinner and chose to have beer be the star. That dinner was so good, and we finally did it again this past Saturday night. For the last dinner, there were just three couples and we each created two dishes. That ended up being a lot of food, so we decided to just stick to one dish each this time. That ended up being a good idea, because we had two more couples join us (which meant two more courses!).

Since Greg and I had created the beer advent calendar for December, we thought it would be fun to base our recipe off of the beer that was already chosen for that day. And that happened to be Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout. Naturally, we chose dessert. And I’ll be honest here- I wasn’t totally original or creative. I actually looked up Brooklyn Brewery’s website to see if there were any suggested beer pairings, and there was just one. And that’s what I made. :)

Our hosts, Michelle and Zack had nuts, olives, crackers and hummus for us to snack on. Zack brews his own (award winning!) beer, and actually has 6 different beers on tap! They have an actual BEER ROOM that attaches to their kitchen from outside of the house!! They were in charge of the first course…

Course 1:

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