WIAW 21: The First Day Of 2013


2013… that’s going to take some getting used to! I predict that I will spend the entire month of January drawing a little curvy line on the bottom of the number 2 to turn it into a 3.

New Year’s was great this year! We got together with a few friends over at one of their houses and had lots of festive food and drinks, and I actually stayed awake until midnight (but promptly passed out a few moments later). I took it easy on the beverages, but still felt a little “blah” the next day. That could also be from sleeping in so late and the fact that the weather outside was icky and gray. Greg and I could have easily just laid around all day, but instead we finally got up and made some breakfast. Over a little too much indulgence the night before, it felt good to eat a little more mindfully the next day!

The day began with this.

And there was a lot more water throughout the entire day.

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