Lose Weight, Win Money [DietBet Game!]

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I know. The title of this post sounds a little cliche and gimmicky, but just trust me here. I think you’re going to be interested in this. :)

As a Fitfluential Ambassador, I am lucky enough to be provided with some pretty incredible opportunities. When I heard about DietBet, I was immediately intrigued. As I read about exactly how DietBet works, I was ready to jump right in!

DietBet isn’t a diet or weightloss plan. You won’t be getting a food or exercise plan to follow, and you won’t be expected to attend any weekly meetings. DietBet is simply an incentive and means of accountability. And if you’re like me, that might be just what you need to shed a few of those unwanted lbs. Since I already know about eating well and exercising, what helps me is finding the motivation to commit to losing weight. As they say on the website, DietBet is a 4-week social dieting game.

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