Busy Weekend Recap

Happy Monday- a day late.

To be honest, I planned on writing a post for yesterday… but football wouldn’t let me do it. Or rather, my superstitions wouldn’t let me do it. I don’t know if you’re aware (or if you care), but there was a pretty big, important game on Sunday. I write my posts the day before they are published and knew that I’d be mentioning the outcome of the game (which didn’t end until 10:00 pm here on the east coast), and didn’t want to jinx ANYTHING by writing about it beforehand. Yes, it might be silly- but it worked. My RAVENS won!

More on that later.

We’ve been doing a lot of home improvement stuff lately- getting rid of junk and clutter, making a lot of donations to Goodwill and cleaning like crazy. It’s easy to do these things in the winter, because it’s usually too cold outside to do anything fun. (But actually, this weekend was pretty mild!)

I’m a little scared about how cold it’s supposed to be today and tomorrow. Eek!

On Saturday morning, I got up and did my initial weigh-in for DietBet first thing.

The game officially started yesterday, but we were supposed to get our starting weight either Saturday or Sunday. I plan to weigh in every Saturday morning – although some people are weighing in every day (which I think is nuts, since it can fluctuate so much). I have 4 weeks to lose 4% of my body weight- a little over 6 lbs. I’ve actually been following a specific weight loss program (which I will discuss at a later date) for about 6 weeks now, and have been steadily losing 1 – 2 lbs. each week (with the exception of a 2 lb. gain the week after Christmas, which luckily came right back off). Through all of the stress and craziness of life transitions this fall, I managed to put on 10 lbs. I’m chipping away at that slowly, and plan to keep going until I reach my healthy goal weight. Having the incentive of DietBet definitely helps!

Greg did some yardwork and I cleaned/organized inside the house on Saturday. We also installed our new microwave, which was part of our collection of brand new kitchen appliances!

(Please excuse the clutter…)

Ahh… I love them. Having new, shiny, functional appliances makes me so happy. And our kitchen just looks so much nicer! We had the delivery guys set up the fridge, oven and dishwasher but opted to install the microwave ourselves to save a few bucks. (And we will probably not be doing that again. It. sucked.)

We made a big Goodwill trip on Sunday, which included getting rid of the old, falling apart table in our kitchen because we just don’t need it. It basically serves as a place to set things, since we either eat at the island or in the dining room. The dogs are a little confused though… they like to lay under the table and hide.

That’s Lance’s current favorite toy.

Aside from all of the cleaning/appliance setting up, I practiced the new release of Bodypump. A lot. A group of instructors got together on Sunday afternoon to run through it, which I love! It’s always fun to compare notes, since I rarely ever see them. I think we ended up talking more than practicing, but it was worth it. :)

And then there was Sunday night… game time! You may remember that last year had a similar match-up

Funny story- I was cleaning out my closet and found a Ray Lewis jersey that I had bought after the last season ended, and completely forgot about! I got to wear it just in time!

And I get to wear it again in two weeks!

Since the game was late and we both had to wake up in the 4:00 hour the next day, we did not have a party or a big “soup off” like last year. I did make some tasty chili and cornbread muffins though!

I had mine over a big bed of spinach and the combo was delicious! We had enough leftover to have the exact same dinner again last night. And of course, it tasted even better the next day.

The night ended in a most excellent way of course, with my Ravens winning! My husband is still recovering his team’s loss- but I’ll have him rooting for the Ravens right along with me for the Superbowl!

My week is off to a busy start (that seems to be the theme for life right now), but life is good!

How was your weekend? Do you have an easy time “getting rid of things (clutter)?”


  1. I’m happy someone in your household was happy with the outcome of that game. I told my dad I was mad at him for “jinxing” the game by telling me that while he was rooting for the Ravens, he thought the Patriots would win. ;)

  2. Though I’m definitely more a Redskins fan than a Ravens one, I’m happy a team from Maryland is representing. Although, I did want them to play the Falcons.

  3. you look AMAZING! (and always have!)

  4. I see you’re wearing you PV.Body tank in your scale picture. I found them through your website and am awaiting my order!! So excited! That Chili looks awesome, and I second your anti-patriot sentiments…

  5. Never thought to put chili over spinach. Great idea! Good luck bearing the cold!

  6. Happy for your team. And just as happy that all of Kevin’s teams (Vikings & Broncos) are done. Lol. That really made me hungry for cornbread!!! We’ve been getting sixties this week after it was freezing cold when my sister was here!

  7. Your kitchen looks great. I really like white cabinets and miss my old condo – I had a huge, open, white kitchen.

    • I definitely love having a light colored kitchen. I don’t think I could go back to having black appliances and dark cabinets ever again!

  8. I’m in Minnesota – so my weekend was largely spent inside hibernating as the weather was -11 BEFORE the windchill yesterday, and is again today :(

  9. Sounds like a productive weekend – awesome job! We’ve been de-cluttering A LOT this past month too. Like you said, it’s too cold to do anything else and it just needs to be done. I definitely don’t look forward to it, but I enjoy it more once I get into the groove of it and see the results from it. Also, you look GREAT! I admire the way you’re going about your weight loss – not obsessive and you’re doing it in a healthy way. Strong work lady!

    • Thanks, doll! Definitely a good idea for you guys to de-clutter- you’re going to need to make lots of room for baby everything! :)

  10. great weekend! we too decided to do the microwave and it was incredibly hard. very worth spending the 100-200 extra to get it installed :) your kitchen looks great!

    • Thanks! We installed one in our rental unit over the summer, and it SUCKED then. But, we figured that it would be a lot easier this time since we knew what we were doing… not the case. Definitely paying someone next time!

  11. I LOVE the feeling of getting rid of clutter–we did some of that this weekend & I’ll be doing MORE of that this weekend. Kinda, oddly excited.

    Yay for your weight loss, that is awesome, and something I know you’ve wanted to work on!

    ANd congrats to your team, I don’t follow football at.all. Hah. But my husband kinda does–I think (??) he wanted your team to win?


  12. I looked at the kitchen and thought, “What clutter?” Obviously, I am a pack rat and have the hardest time getting rid of things. However, I don’t even usually notice what I do and do not have, because I use so LITTLE on a regular basis. Not sure why I tend to acquire what I don’t use, but I think the solution to my problem would be to have someone come and just throw everything away. I probably wouldn’t have a clue it was gone. How is it so hard to just do that myself????

    Yum to chili. And yum to pouring stew (soup…chili….) over spinach. I swear when I’m not sure how ti serve something I just say, “Put it over spinach!” like that is the solution to world peace or something.

    • We tend to just pile things up on the kitchen counters and I REALLY want to stop doing that. That’s why we’re getting rid of stuff- to have more space to put our other stuff! :)

  13. i knew you would be SO excited about the super bowl!

  14. I weigh in daily! :) I actually heard a study the other day that folks who weigh in daily (at the same time, same conditions, etc.) and then average their weight for the week actually lost more weight in the study. Because they are getting best of both worlds—daily accountability and the averaging helps balance the daily weight fluctuations. I’ve actually weighed in daily when I’m trying to lose weight for years and it’s all that ever worked for me. I have a crazy complicated Excel document that I enter my weight in everyday and it does the averaging for me.

    • I’ve heard that before- about people being more accountable- but it’s definitely not a good idea for me. I’ve been down that road in the past. It starts with once daily, then twice, then several times and I get obsessive and ridiculous. It is impossible to lose/gain 2 lbs of fat in a day, but I can fluctuate within 5 lbs in a day based on what I eat, drink, how I exercise, sleep, etc. I’d actually prefer to weigh in every two weeks, but will stick with one. That DEFINITELY holds me accountable enough- just knowing that a weigh-in is coming. I guess we all just have to find what works- and if you can weigh in daily and not get silly about it or let it mess with your head- that’s pretty awesome! :)

  15. Awwww, what a cute little confused puppy face. :) Good luck with the future weigh-ins. I am interested in hearing more about your current program.

  16. Clutter doesn’t stand a chance in my house. My self-diagnosed OCD likes wide open spaces, without a bunch of stuff. Plus, it’s just more stuff you ultimately have to clean. Love the new appliances!!

  17. You are so beautiful!! :) I don’t see any clutter in that kitchen… come de-clutter me please! My hubby will thank you. I tend to make piles and Luvy de-clutters me.

  18. Want to come clean my house when you’re done at yours? Apparently I still have clutter even after the move somehow. :)

  19. Good luck on the DietBet! I considered joining too – Money is a big motivator for me! But I don’t feel like I need to lose weight so I didn’t think I’d stay focused. :)

    It seems like January is the month to declutter/organize/clean up!

  20. snacksnarkbark says:

    I’m so happy the Ravens won–I can’t take anymore wins from the Patriots because they’re like the Yankees and just too good. Lynne was telling me about DietBet and while I think its an awesome concept, cant do it because I’m losing inches and not pounds, grrrrrr. I will take it though.

    And I want your kitchen, my dream kitchen is one with an island.

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