How I Exercise


As you probably already know, fitness is a big part of my life. I am so passionate about exercise, that I decided to turn it into a career as a personal trainer and exercise instructor. I definitely haven’t always loved working out, and in fact I hated it until after I graduated college. I still have days where I really don’t feel like exercising (and when that happens, I usually take the day off!).

I exercise for many reasons: it makes me feel good, gives me energy and confidence and makes me stronger. Oh yeah, and I get paid to do it. To be a little more specific- my “workout” for the day is often teaching a group exercise class (or two). Currently, I teach at least 7 classes each week (all in the morning, except Wednesday): Spinning on Sundays, Spinning + Bodypump on Mondays, Spinning + Core Strength on Tuesdays, Bodypump on Wednesdays and Bodypump on Fridays. I often cover classes for other instructors, but never teach more than three classes in a day (and usually not more than two) and always have at least one day each week that I don’t teach any classes, period. I’ve definitely learned my limits of what my body can handle, and I’m not going to be a very effective instructor if I’m injured or over-trained.

Since I always teach two back to back classes on Mondays and Tuesdays, that’s the only exercise I do on those days. On the other days, when I teach just one class, I’ll usually do a little bit extra before or after class. For example, I generally get to the gym about 20-30 minutes before my Spinning class starts on Sundays and do a kettlebell/battle ropes workout. On Fridays, I’ll generally hop on the stairmill or elliptical for about 20 minutes after teaching Bodypump. Since I don’t teach until the late afternoon on Wednesdays, I’ll usually do a quick cardio workout right after I wake up- because I definitely prefer to exercise in the morning. I generally do some type of functional/high-intensity interval training that takes no more than 30 minutes total. I call them “DIY” workouts, since I create them myself beforehand.

Here’s my DIY workout from yesterday morning:

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