Currently: August

It’s already almost a full week into August, and I still feel like the 4th of July happened yesterday. Where the heck did the time go?

I hope your month is off to a wonderful start. To all of my teacher friends: I hope you’re enjoying your last few, precious days of summer break. That school year always just sneaks right up on you, doesn’t it? Now that I’m no longer a teacher I don’t go into an August depression about having to go back to school- it was always so hard to start over from scratch again and again each year. (And this is why I was not in the right profession- I never got excited about going back to school!)

My August is shaping up nicely- I’m busy working at a job that I love, hanging out with great friends and making the most of the Colorado lifestyle each and every day. I’ve got a few fun things planned this month- so let’s get right to it, shall we?

Currently: August

Current books: NONE. I need to pick up something new- any suggestions? I’m not a fan of fiction and love memoirs and biographies (and anything that makes me laugh!). The only fiction book I do plan on reading is the one that my lifelong friend Kelly wrote, which launches at the end of the month!


If you see this book out- pick it up! Kelly is an amazingly talented writer and I’m positive that this book will not disappoint. (Expect a review coming later on!)

Current music: Still mostly Lithium on Sirius XM with some 90s pop thrown in. Right now I have this song stuck in my head (thanks to Lithium):

I loooooove that song!!

Current guilty pleasure: Princesses of Long Island, RHONJ, Bachelorette… why do these shows have to come to an end??

Current nail color: Jamberry Shields yesterday in Neutral Feather on White.


You can order them here, and if you buy 3, you get one free!!

Current drink: I just discovered Bhakti Chai. It’s made locally and it’s delicious!

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 5.11.57 PM

I buy the concentrate and mix it with this. YUM.

Current food: Mmmm…. strawberries….


Current favorite show: CURRENTLY it’s either RHONJ, The Bachelorette and Extreme Weightloss. I NEED FALL TV TO COME BACK!! (Where is Parenthood?!?) <—– I’m going with the exact same answer as last month- but I’m also going to add MOUNTAIN MEN.


Current wish list: A job teaching Spinning + Bodypump (I am still waiting to hear back from an audition from over 2 weeks ago- they just keep saying “more details soon…”)

Current needs: See above. I am going NUTS. Teaching is a huge part of who I am and I feel like my life is definitely missing that piece right now!

Current triumphs: Finishing LiveFit trainer, progressing preeeeetttttty well with my DietBet so far, making my jar of NuttZo last a full two weeks…

Current bane of my existence: Contact lenses. I’ve been wearing them for about 10 years now, but they have really started to bother me (perhaps  it’s the dry air?). I need to start thinking about getting Lasik.

Current celebrity crush: Of course, you can predict that I’ll say Paul Rudd. As I say every month, he will always be #1. But I’m going to add this piece of eye candy to the list for today:


(That’s Chris Hemsworth- in case you were wondering. I fell in love with him after watching Snow White and the Huntsman)

Current indulgence: KIND peanut butter granola (and beer).

Current blessing: Having a great job that I love and living in Colorado.

Current slang: This one’s for Tiffany: “Top that!”

Anyone else remember this movie???

Current outfit: A KIND tank top and black shorts (I just got back from work…).

Current excitement: Going white water rafting and hiking another 14er later this month!


Current mood: Pretty mellow- slightly anxious, but happy (which is pretty much how I usually am!).

Current link: YouTube (so that I could get the links to imbed the two videos shown above!)

Shout-out to my girl JENNY who started the whole Currently survey craze ;)

What’s going on with you [currently]?


  1. Have you read (or watched on Netflix) Orange is the New Black? I actually read the book about a year ago, before the show came out and I’d definitely recommend both.

  2. I love anything by Jen Lancaster for books to read. BUT my absolute favorite is Laurie Notaro and even more specifically The Idiot Girls’ Action Adventure Club!

  3. After moving from Maryland to Colorado I had a lot of issues with my contacts, too. My eye doctor said that lots of people do, and suggested I switch to daily contacts instead of the 2 week Acuvue Oasis contacts I had been wearing for years. No problems now! The dailies are.slightly more expensive, but so worth it.

    • I’ll have to check those out! I’ve been wearing AirOptix for a while. They’re okay when they’re new but get dried out really quickly after a week or two (and are supposed to last a month).

  4. Ha ha I have had a thing for Paul Rudd since I was obsessed with Clueless (the movie) growing up!

  5. standing ovation on that nut butter. it helps that I’m allergic so I don’t eat as much anymore. :)

    Currently digging: Ben from Felicity. Still. Not scott speedman. Just ben. :)

  6. That’s so exciting that your friend has a book coming out!! I’ll have to check it out!

  7. i love that chai! mmm. love youuu miss you.

  8. That is neat your friend has a book coming out!!

    Hope you hear soon!!

  9. Good song, perfect for listening to at work!! And Chris Hemsworth is hot – I’ve liked him since Thor. :)

  10. Lovelovelove those jamberry’s!

  11. Oh, you know Chris Hemsworth is my kind of guy! Can’t wait to hear about the white water rafting :)

  12. Top That! I love Teen Witch but I always feel like I’m the only one who’s ever seen it! I do wanted to be Louise and distinctly remember dancing around in my jean skirt, singing “I’m gonna be the most popular gii-irl.”

  13. I randomly got Teen Witch from Netflix and my sister and I tried to watch it but kept having to stop and rewatch the “I Like Boys” part.

    I’m so happy YOU are happy…even if slightly anxious. [I'm always slightly anxious too...]

    Glad I’m not the only one who gets sucked into The Bachelorette (and The Bachelor…), and I have to say I WAS surprised not to see Paul Rudd’s face smiling at me from this post. When I watched Admission over the weekend, I couldn’t help but think of you. :)

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