Style Never Stops [Reebok Skyscape Shoe Review]

pink shoes

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

A few weeks ago, I didn’t really see myself as the kind of gal that would walk around sporting bright pink shoes all over town. I have to admit- ever since I received these Reebok Skyscape shoes via Fitfluential – I’ve had a hard time taking them off!



A few weeks ago, the nice folks at Reebok sent me this adorable little package all wrapped up with a bow:


I have to admit- when I first opened up the box, my initial reaction was something like “whoa… those are pink!” I really wasn’t exactly sure how I’d feel about these shoes- they’re quite different from what I usually wear. But- seconds after slipping my Reebok Skyscape shoes on for the first time, I knew that they were a keeper.

I must say – these shoes 100% match the description:

“So lightweight and comfortable, you’ll forget you have them on.”

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WIAW 85: Sitting on my Butt [All Day Long]


Happy Wednesday!

First of all- thanks so much for all of your sweet, thoughtful comments from Monday’s post. I really appreciate each and every single one of them and can feel the love and positive energy. Here’s a quick update to my current situation: I went to an orthopedist on Monday. He did a number of tests to feel for certain ligaments and to rule out specific things and almost everything looked good. But, he couldn’t “feel” my ACL, which usually means it’s torn. He wasn’t 100% positive that that’s the case, but wanted me to come back and see him in two weeks to reassess. The weird thing is- when I went to the Urgent Care center on Friday, the nurse could feel it. I’m kind of hoping that since my leg was so much more swollen at the orthopedist that maybe that was a factor… but I don’t really know. Luckily the other ligaments are definitely not torn and apparently my strong quads (thanks to five years of teaching Spinning) were helpful in the injury being less severe and will be helpful in recovery. When I go back in two weeks, the doctor will do the same tests and if he doesn’t feel my ACL then I’ll get an MRI and go from there. I’m keeping positive- what else can I do?

In the meantime, I’ve spent a lot of time sitting on butt with my left leg elevated and my knee iced. The swelling has gone down a bit each day and I’ve been able to walk a little better and put weight on my left foot- but I’m definitely nowhere near 100%. Not being even able to walk one of the dogs outside (let alone- work out or do anything else active) has been killing me, but I have no choice. I’ve been doing some upper-body strength-training and core work that doesn’t compromise my knees at all, which is better than nothing!

Anyway- speaking of sitting on my butt- that’s pretty much all I did last Sunday. Though the day certainly wasn’t exciting (and was a mix of watching movies and catching up work stuff), I chose to document the meals anyway! Truth be told, I didn’t actually think of taking my WIAW photos until after breakfast, so you get a stand-in for that meal:


This is actually a photo taken a few days before, but my breakfast that morning was pretty much identical (minus the almond butter): FlapJacked Cinnamon Apple crepes stuffed with apples and cottage cheese. Now that I’ve successfully figured out how to make crepes I can’t get enough of them!

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I’m Not Good at Sitting Still [That Time I Had a Skiing Accident]

ski patrol

Happy Monday, friends. Well, it’s certainly been an interesting weekend (and didn’t really turn out the way that I planned. At all.). It all started early on Friday morning when Greg and I woke up at 5:00 am to have an awesome day skiing. We had both taken the day off from work to head over to Vail for a day on the slopes. Greg has been to Vail several times, but I had yet to go. Ski season is over in a few short weeks, so we had to take advantage while we still could!

On the way out to the resort, it seemed like luck was on our side. Traffic can be crazy heading out west to the ski resorts but the roads were completely clear. It was a clear, beautiful day and about 20˚ by the time we got there (which might sound cold, but on a sunny day it’s kind of perfect for skiing). Vail is one of the most popular ski resorts in Colorado (or in the world, even) so it’s usually super crowded- but not on Friday!

lauren vail

We didn’t have to wait in a single lift line and pretty much had the slopes to ourselves. It was all too perfect.

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Four Ways to Stay in Shape at Home


Why, hello! With my new work schedule, I’m predicting that you’re going to be seeing a little less of me (less frequently anyway)- but don’t fret- I’m not going away altogether. :)

Working from home certainly takes adjustment and lots of discipline. I pretty much get to set my own schedule- which has it’s good and bad points. The good is, I can take some time during the week to go ski, hike, teach late morning Spinning classes or just to run errands in the middle of the afternoon. The bad is- that time still needs to made up somewhere else during the week, which usually ends up being during a weekend or evening hours. I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon and have a good schedule for myself- and definitely look forward to be in more of a routine!

One thing that really does save some time is when I do my workouts at home. Traveling to and from the gym takes time (and I usually lose track of time when I’m there!). It’s so nice to be able to just roll out of bed, put some exercise clothing on and head downstairs to bust out a workout. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a free gym membership for over five years, since it’s one of the perks of being an instructor. However, I still appreciate that you don’t have to pay a monthly gym membership to stay in shape. If you pick up just a few pieces of equipment, you can easily get fit in the comfort of your own home.

Here are four ideas of great ways to get a killer workout without joining a gym:

1. Pick up a few pieces of equipment that are inexpensive and versatile

I have been building up my home gym for several years now, and it contains a mix of equipment that I’ve either bought or inherited for free (and some I’ve even gotten as gifts!). Amongst other things, I have a Spinning bike, a TRX, steps with risers and BOSU trainer.


Those items are great- but not necessary. If you pick up a resistance band (and if you want to splurge- a few dumbbells or kettlebell) you’re totally set. If you know how to do basic strength training exercises for different muscle groups, you can use your own body weight, resistance bands and dumbbells for almost anything you need to do. The internet is also crawling with videos and images that demonstrate various exercises (just make sure you find a reputable source)- I love the exercise library from ACE Fitness.

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WIAW 84: Not in My Kitchen

zucchini chips

Good morning!

I have a love/hate relationship with being out of the house all day. While I love to go out and do stuff and have fun- I’m really just a homebody at heart. Plus, as much as I like eating out, I definitely prefer to cook in my own kitchen over going to a restaurant. Saturday was one of those days where I didn’t have a single meal at home.

A typical Saturday for Greg and me includes sleeping in, making a big breakfast and heading out to do something fun for the remainder of the day. Ski season has thrown a bit of a wrench in our “sleep in on Saturday mornings” routine- and as much as I love to ski- I am definitely looking forward to not having to wake up so early on weekends when it’s over. :)

Alas, the last few weeks of ski season are here and we’re trying to enjoy it as much as we can before putting our equipment away for the next 8 (or so) months. The great thing about Eldora resort is that it’s so close that we can go up there for just a few hours and not feel like we spent the entire day driving. We woke up bright and early Saturday, threw all of our gear in the car, grabbed some coffee and protein bars and hit the road.

pro bar

I’m a big fan of these CORE bars by PRO BAR. They keep me fuller than most other bars and taste delicious. That, along with a homemade soy latte, is a typical “car” breakfast for me.

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Fairlife Magic Bullet Giveaway Winner

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 12.16.58 PM

Happy Tuesday friends- and whoa… Happy April 1st! I hope that your week is off to a great start and that you’re embracing April 2014 with open arms. :) I’m just stopping in today to announce the winner of the Magic Bullet Giveaway, sponsored by Fairlife Milk.


And the winner is…

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Hellllloooooo! Forgive the super short post today (and other short or non-existent posts that may follow this week)- things are super busy around here! Despite the chaos going on in my life right now, things are great! The weekend was pretty much go-go-go, but that seems to be par for the course lately. To keep it short and sweet today, here’s a few images and anecdotes from the last few days:


Greg and I went skiing for a few hours on Saturday morning. The season ends in a few short weeks, so we’re trying to make the most of it while we still can! The snow was a bit icy (and super fast on Saturday), and somehow I managed to do my first ever Black Diamond run! It was steep and scary, but I made my way down! I think I’ll still stick to blues for a while- but it’s still good to know that I can handle the challenge (very slowly….).

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Healthy Homemade Fish Sticks [Featuring The Better Chip]


Fish sticks are not exactly a food that I would associate with the word healthy- and they’re also not something that I generally have on hand. In fact, before this past week, I don’t think I had eaten a single fish stick of any kind since I was a kid. Growing up, I remember large, frozen bags of fish sticks (and other various fried convenience foods) stuck in the freezer for nights when dinner needed to be made quickly and easily. Those days are long gone- but I still like to keep a few “convenience” foods in my freezer for easy access. I’ve come to realize that those types of foods can be made just as easily at home (with a lot fewer ingredients and calories!) and stored in the freezer for future use. I don’t know about you, but I feel much better after eating a healthy, home-cooked meal over something that came out of a box (with a mile-long list of ingredients!). And right now, I’m enjoying these delicious (healthy) fish sticks that I just heated up from the freezer!

healthy fish sticks

Let me rewind a little bit…

Recently, the folks at The Better Chip sent me a box of goodies, including bags of their five different flavors of chips. The various flavors include Fresh Corn, Jalapeño, Spinach & Kale, Beets and Chipotle.

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Paige’s Birthday Bootcamp GIVEAWAY

what does it include

Hello! Today’s post is going to be short and sweet- but I’d like to start out by saying Happy Birthday to one of the nicest, best, most wonderful friends I know- Paige!


Should I also mention that she’s an extremely talented personal trainer with YEARS of experience?

Paige is actually one of the most talented trainers I know- so talented in fact that I’d even enlist her to train me (and that’s a pretty strong statement coming from a personal trainer!). She’s been offering online training programs for a while now- and let me tell you- you definitely get your money’s worth when you sign up! Paige puts so much thought and effort into executing programs – and is now branching out to offer an online boot camp for an extremely affordable price.

GROUPPwpicw date

Here’s what it includes:

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WIAW 83: Eggs & Indulgence

pork shoulder

Last Saturday was one of those crazy days where I found myself running all over the place from the time that I woke up until I went to bed. Regardless of the day being a bit hectic and busy- it was super fun and I got to spend some time with a bunch of great friends! Usually Greg and I designate Saturday as the one morning of the week for “sleeping in,” but we got up relatively early to meet with our realtor to look at houses. (I know that it seems like we just moved- but we rented our house out here for a year to figure out where we wanted to buy- and that lease is up May 1st!)

I whipped up a quick breakfast of toast, scrambled eggs (with ham and hot sauce!) and kumquats. I also had a small smoothie made with JAVAPRO (instead of coffee).


We were out looking at pretty much every single house available in the towns we want to live in- which isn’t a whole lot. The inventory is super low out here (which is great for the sellers- not as great if you’re a buyer!). We got back home with about 45 minutes to spare before I had to head back out to attend the Fairlife blogger event, and I made myself a salad with a hard-boiled egg, avocado and chicken for lunch- and ate a few handful of this popcorn before making myself put the bag away. :)

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